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The Story of Your Family…

What does your family look like in your daydreams? Where are you? What are you doing? Are you on the beach, building a sandcastle, or strolling along hand in hand? Are you horseback riding across a beautiful river? Maybe you’re skiing down a snowy slope, or watching the expressions of sheer delight on your children’s faces as you trip through Disneyworld. You may be sipping hot chocolate at a cafe in Paris. Or, perhaps you really yearn for everyone you love just to be gathered around the fireplace in your own personal haven, the place you call home. Whatever the dream, wouldn’t it be wonderful to capture that feeling to savor forever? We can help you do that!


Have You Done Enough To Capture Your Family Memories?

Does the idea of having your family’s memories to savor in a timeless piece of artwork sound appealing to you? If so, consider why our clients have already chosen to do so. Simply put, it’s because they center their lives around their families, and family is the priority for them. And if what you really love about your family is the way you feel when you’re all together, in one of those rare moments when everybody’s relaxed and happy, just the way you want to be- just the way you are in your daydreams- then what you want in your family’s portrait is something that says who you are. It’s not just about your faces, or your smiles- although it’s that too- it’s about your memories together, your favorite moments, the things you like to do when you’re together, the times that you feel the most connected. It’s these little things that build the relationships that make the strong family ties we all cherish. If that’s the kind of thing that makes your heart beat a little bit faster, contact us to see how we can create a wonderful piece of family artwork for you. We’ll be happy to help you find out if we’re the right portrait artist for you.

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